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biosphere" experiment was designed▓ by 28 Chinese universities, led by southwest China's Chongqing University, a conference on scienti▓fic and

n the Moon?

China's Chang'e-4 to launch

technological innovation of Chongqing Municipality has heard.The cylindrical tin, made from special aluminum alloy materials, is 18 cm tall, w

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ith a diameter of 16 cm, a net volume of 0.8 liters and a weight of 3 kilogra▓ms. The tin will also contain water, a nutrient solution▓, air

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-▓4 to launch lunar spring0

and equipment such as a small camera and data tran▓smission system.Researchers hope the seeds will grow to blossom on the Moon, with the proc

4-12-2018 13

:50 BJTChina's Chang'e-4 l

ess captured on camera and transmitted to Earth.Although astronaut▓s have cultivated plants on the International Space Station, and rice and

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s expected to do many things

arabidopsis were grown on China'▓s Tiangong-2 space lab, those experiments were conducted in low-Earth orbit, at an altitude of about 400 



kilometers. The environment on the Moon, 380,000 kilometers from the Earth, is more complicated.Liu H▓anlong, chief director of the experiment


an▓d vice president of Chongqing University, said since the Moon has no atmosphere, its temperature ranges from lower than▓ minus 100 degre

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es centigrade to higher than 100 degrees centigrade."We have to keep the temperature in the 'mini biosphere' within a range from 1 degree to 

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e of the Moon and taking the first flowers to blossom

30 degrees, and properly control the humidity and nutrition. We will use a tube to direct the natural light on the surface o▓f Moon into the tin to make the plants grow," said Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the experiment."We

The probe will carry a tin containing seeds of potato an

want to stud▓y the respiration of the seeds and the photosynthesis on the Moon," said Liu."Why potato and arab▓idopsis? Because the growth period of arabidopsis is short and convenient to observe. And potato could become a maj

ring plant r
ard, and probably some silkworm eggs to conduct the first biological experiment on the▓ Moon.The "lunar mini
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